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Dr Stephen Rippington

Director, Astute Geoscience


I have a broad background in geoscience research and consulting. My expertise is centred in the field of tectonics and structural geology, with substantial experience in the integration and interpretation of seismic and potential field data, remote fieldwork (Arctic, Mongolia, USA), sedimentology, petroleum geology, geochemistry and geochronology.


I am strong advocate of taking a multi-disciplinary, multi-dataset approach to solving geological problems.

Upcoming CONFERENCE presentations

Haworth, B & Rippington, S. Structure Of The Wyville-Thomson Ridge: Reducing Uncertainty By Integrated Potential Fields And Seismic Interpretation. EAGE Copenhagen. Passive Margins Session. June 14th 2018. 

Recent CONFERENCE presentations

Rippington, S. 2016. An Exploration-Focused Assessment of Interpretations and Data (EXAID): Rockall Trough, PETEX, London, UK.

Rippington, S. 2016. Long-lived fault zones and their influence on rift architecture in the NE Atlantic and SE Barents, Arthur Holmes Meeting 2016 - The Wilson Cycle: Plate Tectonics and Structural Inheritance During Continental Deformation, Geological Society of London, UK.

Rippington, S., Poujardieu, R., Liszczyk, A.M., and Dyer, N., 2015. Regional Structure of the Southeast Barents Sea - Applying FTG to Exploration Challenges in Frontier Areas, European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, 77th Conference and exhibition, Madrid, Spain.


Rippington, S., 2015. Using Broad Bandwidth Gravity Data measured by Full Tensor Gradiometry: Integration and Applications of FTG on the Southeast Barents Shelf, Recent Advances in Exploration Technology, Oslo, Norway.


Rippington, S., 2015. The application of broadband gravity data in frontier areas: de-risking exploration in the Southeast Barents Sea, Finding Petroleum – Finding enough oil and gas in NW Europe, Geological Society of London, UK.

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