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Field Data



Satellite imagery

Potential Fields

There are two sources of uncertainty in geological interpretations: 1) uncertainty arising from the quality and limitations of the data; and 2) uncertainty arising from an incomplete knowledge of the geology.

Better geological interpretations require deeper understanding of the quality and limitations of the data.

By using independent measurements of the physical properties of rocks, different data-types (e.g. seismic, potential field, well data) can be compared to identify conflicts and mitigate uncertainties in the combined dataset. By further incorporating information from other sources (e.g. field data, geochemical studies, satellite imagery), the strengths of each data-type can be exploited and interpretational ambiguity can be reduced to its minimum. The result is a more robust and defensible Earth Model.

Astute Geoscience operates independently within a network of trusted associates that are all specialists in their field. We have the expertise to integrate and interpret all of your geoscience data.

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